Travassos 11

Alojamento localAlojamento local

Rua da Figueira nº11, 7350-016 ElvasRua da Figueira nº11, 7350-016 Elvas

Português, Inglês e EspanholPortuguês, Inglês e Espanhol

00351 934 132 21300351 934 132 213

Travassos 11 is a charming property located in the town of Elvas with a rich history dating back to the 18th century. Originally a manor house, it has witnessed events and changes over the centuries, preserving its architecture and distinctive features to this day.

Travassos 11 has 9 rooms and a family apartment, several common areas where guests can enjoy moments of conviviality and leisure, a well-kept garden full of charm with a saltwater pool, and a terrace that allows you to enjoy the views. breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.