Monte da Eirinha

Casa de CampoCasa de Campo

Monte da Eirinha Espírito Santo, 7750-212 MértolaMonte da Eirinha Espírito Santo, 7750-212 Mértola

Português, Espanhol e InglêsPortuguês, Espanhol e Inglês

Monte da Eirinha is a set of buildings typical of the Alentejo landscape. Part of an agricultural holding was the place where, as the name implies, the harvest of the surrounding crops was handled.

It is located near the town of Moinhos de Vento (about 13 km from the town of Mértola), as it is there that the grain obtained from the threshing floor is transformed into the flour used to knead bread. Casa do Monte – with 5 double bedrooms, all with private bathroom, and living room, kitchen, dining room, in addition to the reception area.

The house is surrounded by a large garden space, where guests also have a covered space equipped with a barbecue, benches, tables, support benches and sinks; Casa da Piscina – with 3 double bedrooms (all with private bathroom), and living room, kitchen, dining room and a patio.

It also has a kennel for you to leave your pets.
The development is ideal for receiving groups and families who enjoy contact with nature and who want to go hiking and mountain biking.