Hotel Dom Luís


 Av. de Badajoz, 7350-903 Elvas, Portugal Av. de Badajoz, 7350-903 Elvas, Portugal

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– Enjoying a privileged location in the center of the city of Elvas, facing the unique Aqueduct of Amoreira, the Hotel Dom Luís stands out as the right choice for a business stay or a leisure visit to the city, elected World Heritage of Humanity.

It currently has 88 rooms, bar, terrace, outdoor pool (seasonal) and restaurant (breakfasts and groups).

This hotel was built in 1974/1975, at the time with 47 rooms. In its first year of existence it served as a shelter for the families of returnees who were forced to leave the former colonies.

Ten years later, in 1985, expansion work was done, leaving it with 61 rooms. The bar was also the target of intervention: it became bigger and with a fantastic terrace overlooking the Amoreira Aqueduct. It is interesting to note that, at that time, the hotel bar was an ex-libris of the region, so much so that there were lines to frequent the space and each shift had two employees. At this time the hotel was also very much in demand for weddings and wedding night celebrations.

In 1991, another intervention took place, which resulted in a total capacity of 90 rooms.

In 2014 and 2015, remodeling works took place, mainly a qualification and decorative refresh with great improvement of comfort, having the hotel the current 88 rooms, 2 of which are suites, with a total of 187 beds.

Already in 2018 it was remodeled a space that was once the “Bingo” and is now a multifunctional room equipped with furniture and audiovisuals for the most diverse events.