Casa Mourisca Alqueva

Rua de Santa Margarida 26, 7240-265 MourãoRua de Santa Margarida 26, 7240-265 Mourão

In the beautiful Casa Mourisca, allow yourself to disconnect and enjoy at your leisure. Breathe in the Alentejo and take as long as you need, because here time…isn’t counted.

Typical villa in the center of Mourão, with 2 bedrooms, fully equipped, Wi-Fi with a stove for winter days and a swimming pool, barbecue and outdoor shower that you can enjoy with family or friends on hot days.

Fully equipped, it has two bedrooms, a backyard with an Alentejo tank and Wi-Fi throughout the house. Share this paradise with your family, friends or on a getaway for two!

Casa Mourisca is in Mourão, which is the capital of Alqueva, right next to Praça Central. At the top of the street there is Mourão Castle. Next to home cafes, restaurants and grocery store.