Casa das Flores

Alojamento localAlojamento local

Rua da Igreja 35, 7750-338 MértolaRua da Igreja 35, 7750-338 Mértola

Português, Espanhol e InglêsPortuguês, Espanhol e Inglês

The house is located in the middle of the Guadiana Valley Natural Park and on the way to Pulo do Lobo, just a few minutes away from areas not to be missed, namely the Guadiana river.

This comfortable single storey house – just restored, with thermal insulation techniques, gives unparalleled comfort and quality, in a region where you can replenish strength, health and gain energy.

It is a single storey house with a large bedroom with living room (40 m2) Kitchen, dining room in the same space (45 m2). It also has a common sofa and an extra bed. The house has a fireplace and a small terrace.