Aldeia do Lago

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Rua de São Romão, 22, 7220-124 Amieira (Portel)Rua de São Romão, 22, 7220-124 Amieira (Portel)

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Aldeia do Lago is located in the riverside village of Amieira, a town in the municipality of Portel. Situated on the shores of the Great Alqueva Lake – the largest artificial Lake in Europe – the cottages are scattered around the streets of the village and are welcoming those who visit, just about 100 metres from the Lake. Where once was the shore of Debege’s river, today is Alqueva, almost a sea.

Beginning in 2012 portrays a different village tourism project, an investment based on respect for the culture and local lifestyles, betting on the richness of the landscape and the protection of environmental values of the village and region. The houses were fully recovered and renovated, keeping whenever possible the original Alentejo style, presenting now the maximum comfort in a cozy village environment.